• Lease rentals of Servers, Storage and Networking Products.
We have full range of ORACLE Sun Servers Sunfire V-Series / X-Series / T-Series and M-series, IBM P-Series, HP Itanium, IBM/HP/Dell Intel Servers and ORACLE Sun / EMC Storages. Sun Systems - M4000, V2900, V4800, V1280, V490,V890, V440, T2000, T5240, T5220, T5240 , T5440, Sun Blades, IBM p550, P520, p570, p595, HP Itanium BL890c Itanium9340 32 Core CPU, HP/Dell/IBM Intel servers and IBM / EMC storages are available off the shelf. If required, we also offer Installation and support Services for the same during the term of lease/rentals.